Sky Observation Programmes - 2012
Written by Mahesh Naik   
Saturday, 14 January 2012 13:45

आकाशदर्शन (Sky Observation Programme) - for more details "Click Here"

खगोल मंडळातर्फे आयोजित केला जाणारा आकाशदर्शनाचा पुढील कार्यक्रम खालील प्रमाणे आहे.

दिवस: २१ एप्रिल २०१२ 
स्थळ: वांगणी

या कार्यक्रमास हजर राहू इच्छिणा-यांनी वांगणी रेल्वे स्थानकावर संध्याकाळी ६ वाजता जमावे. मंडळाचे कार्यकर्ते आपल्याला आकाशदर्शनाच्या ठिकाणी घेऊन जातील. कार्यक्रमास येताना रात्रीच्या जेवणाचा डबा, पाण्याची बाटली, चहासाठी पेला, बसण्यासाठी सतरंजी, गरम कपडे, छोटी विजेरी आपल्याबरोबर आणावी. हा कार्यक्रम मराठी तसेच इंग्रजी भाषेतून होईल.
कार्यक्रम दर : मोठ्यांसाठी : रुपये १०० / - फक्त 
                    खगोल मंडळ सभासद आणि १८ वर्षाखालील प्रेक्षकांसाठी : रुपये ५० /- फक्त 

त्यापुढील कार्यक्रमांच्या तारखा पुढीलप्रमाणे आहेत.

  • १९ मे २०१२ (या मोसमातील शेवटचा कार्यक्रम )

Our next Sky Observation Programme will be as follows.

Date: 21st April 2012.
Venue: Vangani

Reach Vangani station by 06.00 PM. Our volunteers will take you to the observation site. While coming for the programme, please bring with you dinner tiffin, mug for tea, seating mat, warm clothes, water bottle and a small torch.

Charges : Adults : Rs 100 /- only per person

            Khagol Mandal Members and participants below 18 years of age : Rs 50 /- Only


Next Programmes :

  • 19th May 2012. (Last Programme of this season)
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Discovering a SOHO Comet
Written by Salil Muley   
Thursday, 19 January 2012 15:29
My discovery was a co-discovery with an astronomer from Poland (Szymon Liwo) wherein we found a new comet which belonged to Kreutz group family. 85% of these sun-grazing comets belong to this family. Shishir Deshmukh has 6 such comets under his name.

A co-discovery is given credit only when the same comet is discovered by two different people within 20 seconds time gap.

On 13th Dec 2011, Szymon posted this comet on 11:37:16....I posted the same comet on 11:37:26 (I was late by 11seconds).

I wrote to Karl Battams, who works in Naval Research Lab in Washington, mainly responsible to provide confirmations for such sun-grazing comets.A positive confirmation from Karl and confirmation on SOHO comet hunter page made me the second Indian.

Sun-grazing comets are typically very small comets. They too are bound by laws of physics and always move in a near perfect straight line heading towards Sun, with a near constant speed,size,shape and brightness !!

Finding and discovering such sun-grazing comets is a pain. It requires hours and hours of observations using images provided by LASCO cornograph instrument which is on-board SOHO . All over the world there are many experienced comet hunters who post a possible comet within seconds and we fail to catch them up.

I was doing a basic astronomy course from Mumbai University. In December 2010, Shishir gave us a lecture on Solar Eclipses and last 10 minutes on his SOHO comet discovery. I got inspired and started my search in January 2011..Finally on December 13th, i found a comet.Gave a call to Shishir. He already knew that i had discovered one !!

Feels proud to be an Indian and happy that our country is progressing in this field.Still we are far behind compared to countries like U.S,Europe and China. Khagol Mandal being an organization in field of astronomy is doing a tremendous work. And because of you people there are many young talended students who take this science hobby with passion.

Salil Mulye - 2nd Indian Discoverer of a SOHO Comet
Written by Pradeep nayak   
Saturday, 14 January 2012 16:10

After Shishi Deshmukh, Salil Muley becomes the second Indian Discoverer of a SOHO Comet on on December 13th 2011...

 "SOHO" is Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, a satellite launched in space which runs in collaboration with European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA. This satellite provides real time images of Sun every day. Amateur astronomers around the world observe these images.Based on their path and speed, positions of these sun-grazing comets are posted on NASA's website by these astronomers.These positions are further confirmed by Naval Research Lab,Washington,U.S

On 04th Dec 2010, Shishir Deshmukh became the first Indian to achieve this feat !  Salil is second Indian & 80th person in the world to discover a SOHO comet..

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