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Tuesday, 19 May 2009 14:47

Sujata Babar showing night sky through telescope

On the eve of International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009, Khagol Mandal is arranging many popularization programmes. One such event was organized by Khagol Mandal for the aboriginals of Nandurbar in Maharashtra on 1st to 3rd May. 

Nandurbar was chosen as the programme location because of a special event i.e. a Total Solar Eclipse , which will be taking place on 22nd July 2009, totality event of which will be visible from Nandurbar.

A team of Khagol Mandal volunteers led by veteran member Sarang Oak, consisting of other team members viz. Milind and Sujata Babar, Milind Kale, Piyush Garud, Vikrant Kurmude, Rohan Kale successfully conducted this programme. Our treasurer Vishwanath Joshi was in supporting and encouraging role for the team.


The team started its programme from Agri High School in Khadbara on 1st May 2009 for the teachers and other attendees. Sarang Oak and Milind Kale explained the teachers about the eclipses. Other team conducted similar educational programmes at Dhadgao.

That night, a sky obervation programme conducted at the Agri High School in Khandbara received a very good response of over 100 locals. Rohan Kale explained night sky and the team the helped the locals to view some of the beautiful night sky objects which included Moon and the ringed Saturn.


Similar parallel programme was also conducted by another team at Molagi's Education resource centre, by Sujata Babar and team.

On 2nd May 2009, a special workshop was organised for the teachers which was attended by about 80 teachers of various schools. The night sky observation programme of that night was even a greater success with more than 250 persons attending it.The other team also conducted parallel programmes for the schools in the interior regions of Dhadgao district.

Third and a concluding day also saw enthusiastic response from locals for the night sky programme. Details of the programme will be published in this month's Khagol Warta.

Khagol Mandal acknowledge and thanks various local organizations who helped us in organising and managing these programmes. These include :


  • Agri High School, Khadbara 
  • Education Resource Centre, 
  • Nandurbar Agricultural Centre, 
  • Nandurbar Vidyan Bharti 
  • Hedgewar Seva Samilti 
  • Lion's Club, Nandurbar 
  • D.R. Hight School 
  • Navapur School 
  • Hasti Vidyalaya, Dondaicha 
  • Vikas High School, Shahada 


We also thanks Local Newspapers i.e. Deshdut, Gavkari, Punya Nagari and Sakal whoc gave extensive coverage for this educational activity.We look forward to visit Nandurbar once again.

Mahesh Naik

President-Khagol Mandal

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