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Tuesday, 17 November 2009 12:54
Yet another celestial event to be staged on the night of 17-Nov-2009 (to be precise, early morning on 18-Nov-2009 as seen from India).  It will be Leonid meteor shower a.k.a. 'Leonids'. 

Leonids always makes me nostalgic! In 1999, about 10,000 people gathered in Vangani (from where we conduct our regular overnight sky observation programs) and instead of meteors, rain poured. Next day we saw pics from other side of the world, where the peak of the meteor shower occurred, only to make us feel jealous and envious.

10 years have passed by, and Leonids now presents another nice show, not as grandeur as in 1999, but hoping that it will be pretty good. Sky conditions are at its best: New moon day + Peak expected over Asia. It rained over Indian Subcontinent last week due to Cyclone Phyan. Clouds were still floating around till yesterday afternoon. But since last night (15-Nov-2009) sky is amazingly clear. Rains have settled some dust so that adds to some good sky condition. 
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