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Saturday, 12 June 2010 01:08
Comet McNaught (C/2009 R1) is now a fairly bright object for small telescopes. At present, it has a brightness of about + 6 and is seen in the constellation of Perseus. The comet rises at about 3 AM in the early morning.
Details about the comet McNaught are as follows.
Discovery:     September 09, 2009 (Robert H. McNaught of Australian National University)
Designation:     C/2009 R1 
Eccentricity:     1.000327 
Semi-major axis:    ------
Perihelion distance:     0.405011 AU
Date of perihelion passage:     July 02, 2010
Aphelion distance:    -----
Period:     -----
Inclination:     77.007°
Eccentricity value (> 1) indicates that orbit of the comet is hyperbolic. Consequently, the comet turns out to be non-periodic. Its orbit has a negative semi-major axis and its aphelion distance is not finite. Detailed ephemeris can be seen at: