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Written by Dr. Abhay Deshpande, Khagol Mandal   
Saturday, 07 April 2012 14:08
Khagol Mandal is pleased to announces a 10-day "Basic course in Astronomy" in new format. The course is aimed at enthusiasts willing to learn fundamentals of astronomy. The course is more suitable for any one at Class 11th upwards level.

What are the dates of the course?

The course will be from 7th May 2012 to 18th May 2012. There will be no lecture on Sunday.

What is the timing of lectures ?

The lectures will be every day from 1800 to 2030 hrs. This time includes doubts and discussion session.

Where will be the lectures arranged ?

The lectures will be conducted at Khagol Mandal; 5th Floor; Sadhana Vidyalaya, Near Sion Station, Sion, Mumbai.

What is the fee structure?

The fee for the course is Rs. 1200/- per person.

Discounted pricing is Rs. 1000/- for students up to 18 yrs,for members of Khagol Mandal and for Senior Citizens.

(Please note that those who can afford to pay full fee may kindly avoid the discount).

What is included in the fee ?

Lectures only.

What is not included in the fee ?

Vangani program is not included in the fee. Sky show is open to all and you can come with you family and friends. Charges for Vangani program are Rs. 100/- per person. (Rs. 50/- for students up to 18 yrs.)

What are the pre-requisites for course ?

You need to be passionate about astronomy (not astrology !). We prefer students who are above Class 11th . Students below Std. 9th will not be taken in for the course. Separate course will be announced for 6-10th grade students. Khagol Mandal strongly encourages person who are through with their college education and are working professionals to join this course.

Which topics will be covered in the course?

Tentative topic list is available on the next page.

Who will teach us ?

Khagol Mandal has a team of resource person studying (and teaching) Astronomy for past 20-25 years. Most of these people are professional in their field and take out their time to teach amateurs at Khagol Mandal.Tentative list of speaker is attached.

How do I register ?

You can register by visiting Khagol Mandal at:Khagol Mandal; 5th Floor; Sadhana Vidyalaya, Near Sion Station, Sion. We meet every Wednesday: 1830 to 2030 ( Wednesday ONLY). You can fill in the form and pay in cash.

Alternately, you can register online by sending email to :

manager [at]  (Note : replace [at] with @ while emailing)

Please send following information:


Educational Background:

Mobile No/ Tel. No:

Email id:

After receipt of your email; we will send you account details for ECS payment of fees. Please note that fees paid online cannot be refunded.

Can I join Khagol Mandal ?

Yes. You can join Khagol Mandal...even if you don't take up the course. Course is one activity of KM. We are conducting our activities for past 26 years for benefit of amateur astronomers.

List of Lectures:

Lecture 1 -     7th May -     Introduction 

Lecture 2 -     8th May -     Solar System

Lecture 3 -     9th May -     Celestial Events: Sun-Moon-Earth system

Lecture 4 -     10th May -    Celestial Events: Planets

Lecture 5 -     11th May -    Coordinate Systems

Lecture 6 -     12th May -    Optics

Lecture 7 -     14th May -    Time in Astronomy

Lecture 8 -     15th May -    Properties of Stars

Lecture 9 -     16th May -    Stellar Evolution

Lecture 10 -    17th May -   Birth and Fate of Universe

Saturday 19th May 2012 : Observation at Vangani
All lectures will be in English. However, explanations can be done in Marathi / Hindi if needed.
Lecture duration is 2:30 hrs. (1800 to 2030) inclusive of doubt session

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