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Friday, 28 April 2006 23:44

Khagol Mandal has recently procured land for its ambitious "Khagol Bhavan" project. This 1 acre land is located at Umroli Village near Badlapur, in the [[Thane]] District of [[Maharashtra]] State, of [[India]].

The project aims at providing a solid foundation to budding [[astronomy]] enthusiasts. The project plans incude [[observtory]], presentation rooms, lecture halls and various project rooms for students and amateurs persuing astronomy as career.

Khagol Mandal has been involed in popularisation of [[astronomy]] for pas more than 25 years. In the past we have undertaken many astronomy projects, study tours for [[solar eclipse]] of 1995 & 1999, the [[Lonar]] [[Meteor Crater]] etc and we have participated in various state & national level seminars on [[astronomy]]. The Khagol Bhavan project is as effort towards shaping up all our activities.

We have been doing our sky observation programmes every month for past 20 years. To go beyond this and to lay a solid foundation, this project was envisaged. 


As our regular site at Vangni is getting more and more light polluted, we were in search of site for sky observation programmes. This coupled with our Khagol Bhavan project made the hunt necessary for past over a year. It has now ended at Umroli Village.

The detailed location of Umroli village as depicted by Google Maps is shown here.

We thank our donors for being generous while donating for this project. The other details for this project will be updated very soon on this website. Do visit us again to know more.

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