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Tuesday, 30 May 2006 22:31

This section deals with models made by our members for the purpose of demontration of astronomical phenomena. List below are descriptions and details of some of these models.

  • The Sun, Moon and Earth system : By Abhir Joshi

A huge, working model that shows the sun at the centre, the earth revolving around the sun and the moon revolving around the earth. It can explain a number of phenomena related to the three bodies like eclipses, occurrence of eclipses only on some full moon and new moon days, Kepler's laws, occurrence of six month long day and six month long night on north and south pole of the earth, precession motion of the earths axis, and many more. Concepts that require 3 to 4 hours of lecture with a lot of visualisation can be explained within 20 minutes in solid reality.


  • Total Solar Eclipse : By Abhir Joshi

A computer controlled working model showing how a Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) would look like in reality and also some of the phenomena visible during the TSE like the Corona, diamond ring, Bailey's beads, etc
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