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Friday, 24 March 2006 01:24

As a part of Popularization of astronomy, our members have written numerous astronomy articles in local [[Marathi]] & English dailies. We have also published books and booklet from time to time for popularizing [[astronomy]] or for events like [[solar eclipse]].


Publications of Khagol Mandal

Tarangan: Second edition of Tarangan (Marathi) written by Pradeep Nayak (Director, Khagol Academy of Khagol Mnadal). (Available at Rs. 200/-)

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Khagol Parichay:  A book on Introduction to Astronomy in Marathi : First Published in 1990 , is now available in completely revised version of 2003, available for Rs. 100/-.
Khagras:  A book on Solar Eclipse Published in 1998. In Marathi. Currently available.







Tarangan:  By Pradeep Nayak, An exhaustive book which gives all details of all 88 constellations in Marathi. Published in Year 2001. Available for Rs. 300/-
Dhumketu:  By Mahesh Naik , A book on Comets in Marathi, Published in 1997. Currently out of print.
Care Lonar:  A booklet by Ms. Sujata Kardile, in English. Rs. 25/-. Marathi version also available.
Astronomy for Amateurs: The Basic Book of Astronomy, written by Pradeep Nayak in Marathi (as Khagol Parichay) and transalted by Mr. Yogesh Soman in englis. Available for rs. 100/-.
Vaishwik:  A Quarterly Magazine on Astronomy in English , Published since January 2003. (Annual Subscription Rs. 75/- , 4 issues).


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