Solar Ring of Fire(15 Jan 2010)

Above 300 odd Eclipse observers from Maharashtra enjoyed the unique Annular Solar Eclipse 2010 on the 15th of January 2010 from the Vivekanand Kendra in Kanyakumari with Khagol Mandal. Some of them had observed 2 or more Total solar eclipses. They had observed the Diamond ring in the past and it was now their turn to observe the Golden Neckless of the Sun.
KM Group-1 KM Group-2
At times their observation of eclipse had been marred by weather…i.e. clouds and rains.But this time it was a pure and sheer joy as the longest annular eclipse of the century was a feast for about 10 minute and so even occasional clouds could not take over the entire stage for the period.

So spectacular was the sight that they all cheered up when their was complete annularity. The light intensity did not drop as mush as in case of totality but the effect was felt. As expressed by many…it was indeed a rarest opportunity that one gets in his or her lifetime and wont be available to the generations to come.

Annular Eclipse - Milind Kale-1 Annular Eclipse - Milind Kale-2 Annular Eclipse - Ravi Waghmare Annular Eclipse - Satish Doiphode



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