Geminid Special Overnight Sky Show 15 December 2018!

Khagol Mandal is glad to announce 2nd Sky Show post Monsoon at Neral on 15th December 2018.  This time it will be the date of Geminid Shower.  Although, less popular than the Leonid Shower every year we get requests to arrange a show on the night Geminid Shower.

This night we will be able to see beautiful Mars, half Moon (till midnight!) and if the sky is great we will also witness Geminid Shower. Though, this will depend on various factor. If we are lucky we will get to see few good meteors on that night. Of course there is also possible that we will get to see Comet Wirtanen which will be closest to Earth on 16 Dec.  Though there are lots of variation in predictions, yet it may be bright for a small Telescope or even a binocular ! So lets be there for Geminid and possible Comet Watch !!

The program starts at 7.00 pm (IST) in the evening and runs up to 4.30 am (IST) next morning. The general outline of the program is as follows:

Date: Saturday 15th December 2018

Time: 1900 hrs on Saturday to 0430 on Sunday.

Language of Instructions: English

VENUE: Saguna Baag Farm House, Neral


ENTRY by Pre-Booking ONLY. No SPOT ENTRY !

Booking available on following link –



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